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Founded in 2019, Allo Croissants began with the creation and distribution of freshly baked croissants. While we proceed with our founding initiative, we have expanded to incorporate doughnuts, other bakery goods, freshly baked or frozen, and Greek Gourmet products.

Now, as Allo Foods.



Using only the finest ingredients and having some directly imported from Greece, our products include French croissants, traditional cheese pies and spinach pies, and custard-filled bougatsa.


We primarily operate on an interpersonal basis. For services and collaborations, please contact us.

Our company provides a delightful experience through flavor by inspiring a culture of pride and satisfaction within our workplace. Our commitment stands in providing select artisan foods to our customers for years to come.

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(954) 806 - 2125



Bakery goods and gourmet products

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